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In 2018, an idea was planted in the minds of a few local nature enthusiasts, fast forward to 2024 and plants are growing.

Here at Northwick Park Community Garden Charity, our objective is to create an organic permaculture food forest garden that brings people together from all walks of life and has a nurturing effect on the natural environment, its flora and fauna. 


We strive to ensure that a garden is established that serves the broadest section of the community. Therefore we encourage everyone interested in this community project to get involved and help shape our wonderful community garden.


No gardening experience is needed - just tons of enthusiasm!



Attracting the Community

At Northwick Park Community Garden Charity, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in encouraging people to use the park for good health and well-being.


We believe by creating a community garden, the park area will be attractive to more members of the community, in addition to sports enthusiasts, dog walkers and commuters, to enjoy in their leisure time. 

Our recent survey of the park established that a 'community garden' in the form of a 'food forest' (terms used interchangeably) would increase the community's use of Northwick Park. 

The garden would supplement the established trees and hedgerow in the park, such as sloe, hawthorn and elderberry, which already serve the community foragers.

The garden will offer direct unrestricted access for the public to freely stroll through the garden area and observe trees and plants maturing and evolving throughout the seasons.

This project is by no means an easy feat, but through community empowerment and a good working relationship with the Council, we believe we can make this happen!

Educating around

Harvest & Produce

With this project, our goal is to promote great opportunities for everyone to learn how food is grown, harvested and eaten.


When the garden area is populated with trees and plants, and ready to welcome small groups (schools, private or corporate volunteers), we would like to offer practical experiences. This includes plant and fruit identification sessions, fruit tree pruning, sessions on how to choose your fruit tree, how to eat fruit and cook with it (e.g. make jam!).​ Our list of things to do is ever growing...


With access to permaculture and gardening expertise, including a solid support network, we believe people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to create something that will blossom in nature and taste delicious on their dinner plate. 


Learn more about our project by getting in touch.

Protecting the  Environment

In our community garden at Northwick Park we abstain from using any nasty pesticides, instead we recognise the diverse benefits of weeds (e.g. soil protection, indication of soil condition) - working with nature as opposed to against it - and their contribution to maintain biodiversity. 

A pesticide free garden attracts bees and insects to pollinate the trees and plants (flora) and encourages wildlife (fauna), needed to maintain the garden organically.

Our aim is to increase biodiversity through applying the permaculture gardening method.

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