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“I have walked my various dogs in
Northwick Park since moving to the
area over 35 years ago. I value the open space, and the release from the pressures of being a full time carer that can be found on walks - the benefit of getting some fresh air and feeling the sun or wind on your face cannot be underestimated for stress relief.


The idea of creating a community garden to enhance the park fills me with enthusiasm, which I know others share.

RISHil Parekh

“ Over the last few years I've spent a lot of time at Northwick Park, walking with my dog and meeting other local people.


Surrounded by
a hospital, two tube stations,a university and local schools, I think a garden would be the perfect way bring together the community - connecting with nature and learning
about our environment.”


“Northwick Park has
become my second home
walking there daily with my
dog Pip, watching it change
according to the seasons. I
have also got to know so
many local people and their
dogs because of the park.

It's a wonderful, open
natural space which could
do with a bit of attention
and some areas of interest
to encourage other
members of the community
to use it.”


“I love taking care of my garden throughout the year and
pottering about in my green
house. (Although my chocolate
Labrador has taken over most of the digging now!)

Planting fruit trees in the community garden as part of a volunteer team will be an enriching experience I
immensely look forward to. My grandfather was a fruit tree expert and cultivated many trees during his lifetime."

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